Sunrise, Sunset

I have always savored sunsets. (My daughters are nicknamed the Sunset Sisters, after all.) First, they’re awesome — as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many sunsets. Second, I have always savored sleep, and as far as I’m concerned, no sane person wakes at dawn. Of course, the past 15 months haveContinue reading “Sunrise, Sunset”


Yup, that’s where I went. More specifically… Or at least that’s where my tour of southern Florida began, the first time I’d seen the state in almost 30 years. In the intervening years, I’d principally registered Florida for its 1) crazy people shenanigans (Chelsea Handler was an excellent chronicler); 2) crazier political shenanigans (occurring prettyContinue reading “Florida”

The One Where Adam Dutifully Tries to Find a Set of Dumbbells in Rural Oklahoma Because He’s Such a Team Player

My first feature film is shooting in two weeks, and I’m really excited. So excited, in fact, that I’m perhaps not stopping and thinking through every e-mail I receive. Exhibit A: a missive in my in-box from the director which asked if it were possible to rent a set of dumbbells and a yoga matContinue reading “The One Where Adam Dutifully Tries to Find a Set of Dumbbells in Rural Oklahoma Because He’s Such a Team Player”

The Sunset Sisters: A Family Interlude

Remember when I showed you my friend Deb’s feet and promised you would see my own? Well, be careful what you wish for. . . One boring morning a few months ago, when the New England weather was doing its thing, I idly suggested to my younger daughter that we have a sleepover-style party —Continue reading “The Sunset Sisters: A Family Interlude”

Hollywood, Part Deux

On my second day in Hollywood, I set off to meet my mate Jonny Paterson. Jonny and I have a wonderful backstory: we first met in Burbank back in 2013, where I rather unmemorably pitched him a cli-fi script I’d written, then had breakfast together whenever I came back to town (at Le Pain QuotidienContinue reading “Hollywood, Part Deux”

Of Security Lines and Sunsets

If you’re anything like me, your favorite part of traveling is the TSA security line at the airport. Even pre-pandemic, it was a model of good vibes and efficiency. But I kid! (I actually think that TSA, like the post office, does an admirable job under Herculean circumstances. Let the hate tweets commence! #IoncehadaletterthandidntarrivesothepostofficesucksandtheTSAisfullofpeopkerejectedbytheCIAbecausetgeyenjoyedenhancedinterrogationalittletoomuch (hashtagContinue reading “Of Security Lines and Sunsets”

Of Faith and Fountains

I’m leaving for my next journey this afternoon, but this morning I took another short drive through town while listening to Taylor Swift’s “The Last Great American Dynasty,” which is about as good a chronicle of class and power dynamics as has ever been written. I went to take a picture of my church onContinue reading “Of Faith and Fountains”

You Thought I Was Kidding, Right?

Admit it. When I brought out that hoary Mark Twain quote about the changeable New England climate and talked about veering from 70s to snow, you rolled your eyes at those Bostonians and their weather nonsense. But listen up, Buttercup. I may kid about many things, but weather isn’t one of them. Welcome to myContinue reading “You Thought I Was Kidding, Right?”

Know When to Walk Away: A Patriotic Interlude

I’m back in Arlington for a few days R&R, bleary from jetlag (Hawaii doesn’t observe DST, so it’s 6 hours earlier, yo) and lack of sleep, but otherwise doing very well and awaiting career (and frankly, potentially life) changing news from Hollywood. But in the meantime, something happened which got me thinking about our AmericanContinue reading “Know When to Walk Away: A Patriotic Interlude”


And now it’s time for the big reveal. I did indeed travel somewhere over the rainbow, and it turns out that rainbow lands in Kauai, a place that has held my heart ever since I honeymooned there almost two decades ago. As you’ll recall, Kauai was the last place I visited, and the site ofContinue reading “Sigh…Kauai”