Yup, that’s where I went. More specifically… Or at least that’s where my tour of southern Florida began, the first time I’d seen the state in almost 30 years. In the intervening years, I’d principally registered Florida for its 1) crazy people shenanigans (Chelsea Handler was an excellent chronicler); 2) crazier political shenanigans (occurring prettyContinue reading “Florida”

Of Security Lines and Sunsets

If you’re anything like me, your favorite part of traveling is the TSA security line at the airport. Even pre-pandemic, it was a model of good vibes and efficiency. But I kid! (I actually think that TSA, like the post office, does an admirable job under Herculean circumstances. Let the hate tweets commence! #IoncehadaletterthandidntarrivesothepostofficesucksandtheTSAisfullofpeopkerejectedbytheCIAbecausetgeyenjoyedenhancedinterrogationalittletoomuch (hashtagContinue reading “Of Security Lines and Sunsets”