If I Can Make It There. . .(Without Catching COVID)

One of the most reliably adorable news stories these days involves vaccinated grandparents able to see their grandchildren after more than a year apart. Prepare yourself for another one. Although Grandma Lisa lives just one town over from us and has been able to visit with my daughters from time to time, my father, GrandpaContinue reading “If I Can Make It There. . .(Without Catching COVID)”

Time to Call It a Night (and a Morning)

Upon my return from Death Valley, I didn’t quite feel like calling it a night, so I went to one of those off-Strip casinos that locals frequent and which supposedly feature better slot odds. I lost a few bucks, headed back to Excalibur, where I was staying, then made one last pass at the slotContinue reading “Time to Call It a Night (and a Morning)”

From Swarm to Solitude

Here’s the thing. I really like people. It goes against the conventional vision of a writer — in fact, my wife (who works at a university with lots of student contact) and I joke that she’s an introvert in an extrovert’s profession, while I’m an extrovert in an introvert’s profession. Of course, if you’re aContinue reading “From Swarm to Solitude”

It’s Vegas, Baby!

Well, no one guessed, but I think it’s time to reveal that my first stop on this travel journey is indeed Las Vegas. It was a little ironic to begin Holy Week in Sin City, but as a screenwriter I’ve always had an eye for irony (that and alliteration are the secret sauce of screenwriting).Continue reading “It’s Vegas, Baby!”

Fort Something

My journey day was full of discoveries. The first was that it’s no longer easy to get Uber or Lyft rides to the airport before 6am. Uber had nada, which has never happened to me, and the first Lyft driver cancelled, which happily lead me to Cleo, a wonderfully kind and chatty driver with whomContinue reading “Fort Something”

Last Minute Thoughts

It’s now just hours to go until my early morning flight — who knows whether I’ll get any sleep tonight. But I gotta say, I’ve had a pretty sweet day with good signs galore. First of all, my mom bought us all scratch tickets to help celebrate my wife’s birthday, and I won $100 onContinue reading “Last Minute Thoughts”

One for the Road

A few moments ago, I did something I’ve never done before. I checked in for my Jet Blue flight on. . .wait for it. . .a smart phone. Whoa. For those of you currently living in the 21st Century, this might not seem like news. For me, it’s monumental. You see, although I do haveContinue reading “One for the Road”