Of Faith and Fountains

I’m leaving for my next journey this afternoon, but this morning I took another short drive through town while listening to Taylor Swift’s “The Last Great American Dynasty,” which is about as good a chronicle of class and power dynamics as has ever been written. I went to take a picture of my church onContinue reading “Of Faith and Fountains”

If I Can Make It There. . .(Without Catching COVID)

One of the most reliably adorable news stories these days involves vaccinated grandparents able to see their grandchildren after more than a year apart. Prepare yourself for another one. Although Grandma Lisa lives just one town over from us and has been able to visit with my daughters from time to time, my father, GrandpaContinue reading “If I Can Make It There. . .(Without Catching COVID)”

Prologue Part 4: Taking a Chance

We won. It took a while, and bonus points to anyone who put “armed insurrection” on their bingo card for January 2021, but we won. And so after the Inauguration, my thoughts turned to the question lingering on all our minds: what do I do now? You see, I’m a screenwriter, and before the pandemicContinue reading “Prologue Part 4: Taking a Chance”