These are my daughters: the Sunset Sisters.

First Class Fairy Tales

A few weeks back I told my younger daughter a bedtime story that featured a noble hero on a quixotic quest, a tunnel-guarding troll who jealously withheld a pack of golden tickets, and a maiden fair who watched from afar. Now the truth is that we (or at least she!) are a little old forContinue reading “First Class Fairy Tales”

Another Burst of Beauty

As I waited for my older daughter, the afternoon light turned the new high school construction site into a canvas, a triptych of sorts. So enjoy these photos, and have a safe and happy holidays!


Last Sunday I delivered the sermon at my church. I’ve done some part-time preaching over the past couple years, and both the congregation and I have really enjoyed the experience. This time I talked about my pilgrimage to the Six Corners and the Bible verses that had inspired me both during and in between myContinue reading “Beauty”

The Tide of Our Lives

In my favorite opening line in all of literature, Zora Neale Hurston wrote, “Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board.” In my case, though, it’s the ocean itself that holds the greatest pull. Whether I’m sailing, swimming, or just staring, the ocean is a source of endless fascination and renewal. It’s alsoContinue reading “The Tide of Our Lives”

Two to Go

I had a fantabulous Father’s Day. It began with extraordinary presents from my family, each reflecting their unique talents. My younger daughter did an astonishing sketch for, and then portrait of, me, both now hanging in my office; my older daughter wrote an amazing short story about an LA family that deftly combined certain ofContinue reading “Two to Go”

Sunrise, Sunset

I have always savored sunsets. (My daughters are nicknamed the Sunset Sisters, after all.) First, they’re awesome — as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many sunsets. Second, I have always savored sleep, and as far as I’m concerned, no sane person wakes at dawn. Of course, the past 15 months haveContinue reading “Sunrise, Sunset”


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