You Thought I Was Kidding, Right?

Admit it. When I brought out that hoary Mark Twain quote about the changeable New England climate and talked about veering from 70s to snow, you rolled your eyes at those Bostonians and their weather nonsense. But listen up, Buttercup. I may kid about many things, but weather isn’t one of them. Welcome to my front lawn this morning:

And that white stuff is. . .

Don’t worry, we’ll be back to 70s by early next week! (And I’ll be back on the road.)

But on a happier note, yesterday’s ode to local democracy has gotten a lot of positive response, including from my friend, well-known comedian (and 2018 candidate for Lieutenant Governor) Jimmy Tingle. But the most gratifying fact from a good government perspective is that within an hour of e-mailing my Massachusetts state rep, the great Sean Garballey, he had called me back and referred my suggestions for changing the tie-breaking procedures to the state legislative committee in charge of such matters. Here’s snow in your eye, Sean. I appreciate you!

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