Sunrise, Sunset

I have always savored sunsets. (My daughters are nicknamed the Sunset Sisters, after all.) First, they’re awesome — as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many sunsets. Second, I have always savored sleep, and as far as I’m concerned, no sane person wakes at dawn. Of course, the past 15 months haveContinue reading “Sunrise, Sunset”

From Swarm to Solitude

Here’s the thing. I really like people. It goes against the conventional vision of a writer — in fact, my wife (who works at a university with lots of student contact) and I joke that she’s an introvert in an extrovert’s profession, while I’m an extrovert in an introvert’s profession. Of course, if you’re aContinue reading “From Swarm to Solitude”

It’s Vegas, Baby!

Well, no one guessed, but I think it’s time to reveal that my first stop on this travel journey is indeed Las Vegas. It was a little ironic to begin Holy Week in Sin City, but as a screenwriter I’ve always had an eye for irony (that and alliteration are the secret sauce of screenwriting).Continue reading “It’s Vegas, Baby!”