First Class Fairy Tales

A few weeks back I told my younger daughter a bedtime story that featured a noble hero on a quixotic quest, a tunnel-guarding troll who jealously withheld a pack of golden tickets, and a maiden fair who watched from afar. Now the truth is that we (or at least she!) are a little old forContinue reading “First Class Fairy Tales”

Notes from a Nearby Road

I will get back to Miami, promise. . .but in the meantime, I saw something this morning that prompted me to write a quick new entry. For context: although my daughters have stayed fully remote this school year, which ends in a couple weeks, my older daughter is doing an outdoor fitness class that featuresContinue reading “Notes from a Nearby Road”

It’s Vegas, Baby!

Well, no one guessed, but I think it’s time to reveal that my first stop on this travel journey is indeed Las Vegas. It was a little ironic to begin Holy Week in Sin City, but as a screenwriter I’ve always had an eye for irony (that and alliteration are the secret sauce of screenwriting).Continue reading “It’s Vegas, Baby!”

One for the Road

A few moments ago, I did something I’ve never done before. I checked in for my Jet Blue flight on. . .wait for it. . .a smart phone. Whoa. For those of you currently living in the 21st Century, this might not seem like news. For me, it’s monumental. You see, although I do haveContinue reading “One for the Road”

Rules of the Road

The spring of 2021 has presented me with a unique opportunity, and I intend to take advantage of it. From March 28, what I call Protection Day, though June 21, when summer begins, my wife will be working from home, and my daughters will still be remote schooling. I’m not teaching this semester, and mostContinue reading “Rules of the Road”