Fort Something

My journey day was full of discoveries. The first was that it’s no longer easy to get Uber or Lyft rides to the airport before 6am. Uber had nada, which has never happened to me, and the first Lyft driver cancelled, which happily lead me to Cleo, a wonderfully kind and chatty driver with whom I discussed the importance of getting vaccinated, especially for his elderly mother in law.

On a wing and a prayer

Then I got to the airport, and it was packed. One of the things about my year in lockdown is I really haven’t been around lots of people. But I took a deep breath and tried not to mentally adjust the masks of every chin strapper and nose revealer around me. It was hard.

Did I head for snow?

On the plane at least, everyone was nicely masked up and looked happy to be traveling again. Clarence handled my digital boarding pass with aplomb, and on the plane I had a funny moment where I thought the woman seated near me was wearing a sweatshirt that said Fort Something (it actually said Feel Something). Where is Fort Something, I wondered? Sounds like Florida to me.

Or sun?

I watched Shawshank Redemption on the flight, which felt appropriate, and then I landed. But where is here? One verbal clue before I reveal any visuals. There’s a big rabbit in the airport. And lots of bells and whistles.

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