Notes from a Nearby Road

I will get back to Miami, promise. . .but in the meantime, I saw something this morning that prompted me to write a quick new entry. For context: although my daughters have stayed fully remote this school year, which ends in a couple weeks, my older daughter is doing an outdoor fitness class that features morning walks around town (much like my family did last summer), so twice a week I drop her off at the high school for that. This morning, I noticed the following on a nearby wall:

Yes we did!

It was probably written by a senior (they just graduated), but feels more broadly appropriate. Because in fact, the country does seem to be turning a corner. Masks are coming off much more safely than they were in Vegas in March — New England’s vaccination rates have soared, while cases have plummeted. Restaurants are packed, the Fenway stands are filling, and while everyone has their own comfort levels (I’m going maskless in the store now, while my wife keeps hers on, while we both shed them outside), it does feel like, well, we did do it.

My younger daughter after getting her second shot Sunday. By the first day of summer, she will be fully protected!

I’m also feeling better, getting treatment for my now slightly less achey breaky back, and the family health situations have stabilized. I also finished the first act of my latest script last night, which is based on the true story of an extraordinary friendship than changed American life and letters. I’m taking some chances with how I tell the story, and am not entirely sureI can pull it off, but it sure feels good to try! And in that sprit, I’m going to attempt to return to the road next week for a brief bagging of America’s nearest corner. Whomever can guess where exactly I’m going (more specific than the state) wins a prize!

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