What Happens to a Trip Deferred? (Part 1)

I had big plans for the spring of 2020. After nine years of screenwriting, this was going to be the time I finally bit the bicoastal bullet and tried to get steady work in Hollywood. I had talked to a fellow Massachusetts native about renting a room in her Santa Monica apartment for a numberContinue reading “What Happens to a Trip Deferred? (Part 1)”

Prologue Part 2: Taking a Walk

March and April 2020 were two of the toughest months of my life. The fear I felt was matched only by the speed with which everything fell apart. A week after returning from Kauai, I hopped back on a plane to LA to take care of some screenwriting business. In retrospect, it seems so stupendouslyContinue reading “Prologue Part 2: Taking a Walk”