Blue, Baby Blue, I’m as Jet Blue as I Can Be

Good morning from…well, I guess that’s the rub! Here are some clues: 1) this time I went north-south rather than east-west; 2) my flight cost less than $100: and 3) the Jet Blue purser (I think that’s the right word) managed to make my destination sound very sexy and alluring during the in-flight announcements. Though, to be fair, they manage to make just about every destination seem sexy and alluring the way they describe it!

It was one of these…and my flight was on-time, if that helps. The airplane was also named “Betty Blue,” which probably doesn’t.

I love Jet Blue. They have good snacks, friendly flight attendants, more legroom, an excellent credit card, seatback entertainment on every flight (unlike, ahem, United), non stops on the routes I want (unlike, ahem, ahem, United), and wi-fi that works well almost all the time (unlike…oh, never mind). Even our delay was described in a way that made it seem forgivable. Besides, I had a mid-day flight, which, after all the red-eyes and dawn departures, was sweet ambrosia.

Need another hint? This was last night’s dinner.

Logan was a lot less crowded than last week, which was school vacation, but no less weird (and also no prospective Harvard students!). For example, the TSA officer kept telling everyone to assume a “wider stance” in the metal detector machine, which brought back uncomfortable memories of a certain Republican Senator caught in a bathroom sting a while back.

And speaking of bathrooms, dudes, drop the call when you’re dropping a deuce. I can hear every word you’re saying. And besides, it’s just gross!

But never mind that. I had a nice flight, read part of a script and watched part of Mean Girls, which remains hilarious, and now I’m up early and ready to watch a magnificent ocean sunrise. Stay tuned!

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